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Qumra Screening 7x5

March 10 Qumra

Supporting the script-to-screen journey of emerging filmmakers attached to film projects from across the world supported by the Institute, Qumra 2023 will be held in an innovative hybrid format with in-person events being held from March 10 to 15, and virtual sessions from March 19 to 21.

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March 12 Marchitecture 2023

Marchitecture is an annual programme dedicated to Architecture and Urban Design. It is your gateway to Qatar Museums’ beautiful architecture. Providing the public, a chance to explore the country's iconic architecture through a series of tours and workshops. This unique offering provides an opportunity to learn how Qatar's rich history and culture have influenced the country’s urban landscape.

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Art Mill Museum

March 12 Art Mill Museum 2030: Curator-led Tour

Location: Qatar Flour Mills

Qatar Museums is organizing a Curator-Led tour by Aurélien Lemonier, Curator of Architecture, Design and Gardens Art Mill Museum, and Maryam Al Thani, Curator, Exhibitions Department, QM. The public will participate in a discussion with the curators, in the repurposed warehouse of the Flour Mills. The tour provides an opportunity to visit the industrial site that shall be converted into the Art Mill Museum.

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March 14 Lusail Museum: The Architecture of the Future Museum In-Gallery talk

Location: Al Riwaq Gallery

This in-gallery talk will be led by the designers of the new museum currently under development in Lusail. This will provide an interactive discussion allowing the audience to visualize the thought process behind the design of the new Lusail Museum, scheduled to break ground this year. This event will take place in the central space of the exhibition which is dedicated to the architecture of the new museum.

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Lusail Museum
A chance to breathe wide

March 15 Tasweer Photo Festival -
A Chance to Breathe

Location: Gallery 3, M7, Msheireb

A Chance To Breathe presents the remarkable photographs of Omal Khair, Dil Kayas and Azimul Hasson, who have been documenting their lives and those in their Rohingya refugee community living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since 2018. By telling visual stories of life, resilience and hope, their photographs help reframe the prevailing narratives of violence, death and victimhood that often describe Rohingya refugees’ experiences.

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March 15 Tasweer Photo Festival -
Doha Fashion Fridays

Location: Gallery 3, M7, Msheireb

Doha Fashion Fridays is a unique collaborative project, initiated in 2017 by artists Khalid Albaih and Aparna Jayakumar, in which migrant workers living in Qatar are photographed and interviewed on Fridays, their day of rest. Using fashion as a lens and Instagram as its public platform, the project’s hundreds of images and interviews tell narratives about the diverse migrant population, who have come to Qatar with dreams and aspirations.

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Doha Fashion Fridays wide
And Thereafter Wide

March 15 Tasweer Photo Festival -
And Thereafter

Location: Al Koot Fort

Hadeer Omar's installation - And Thereafter - activates Souq Waqif into a dynamic spatial experience. She creates a heightened sense of the myriad sensory experiences in the souq through captured images and sounds, all uniquely choreographed in the designated spaces of the fort.

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March 15 Tasweer Photo Festival -
Mashael Al Hejazi: My Mother Lulwa's House

Location: Majlis Barahat Al Jufair

Mashael Al Hejazi installation at Barahat Al Jufairi’s majlis honours the social and architectural character of this historic district of Doha and the collective memories and narratives of the Al Baraha community. Al Hejazi breathes life back into this prominent place with her portraiture of family members and poetically draws the neighbouring streets into the space with her cyanotype prints of architectural details and street scenes from Al Baraha.

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My Mother Lulwa Wide
PSG X CLOWN Skateboarding lessons

March 16 PSG x Clown Skateboard Class

Location: Doha Fire Station Museum

Learn the fundamentals of skateboarding by booking PSG x Clown’s exclusive skateboarding lessons guided by professionals. Experience the skate culture by booking today. Very limited sports available.

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March 16 PSG x Clown Art Classes

Location: Doha Fire Station Museum

Experience the art of Calligraphy with renowned artist and designer of the Doha Capsule collection, Fatma Al Sharshani. Book your slot for the workshop as she teaches you the beautiful art of calligraphy. Very limited sports available .

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PSG X CLOWN Art Workshops Banner
Beirut Golden Sixties Aref El Rayess

March 17 Beirut And The Golden Sixties

Location: Mathaf

The exhibition revisits a turbulent chapter in the development of modernism in Beirut beginning with the 1958 Lebanon crisis and ending with the 1975 outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War. It examines this romanticised era of global influence in Beirut to highlight how collisions between art, culture and polarised political ideologies turned the Beirut art scene into a microcosm for larger trans-regional tensions.

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March 17 Public Panel -
Transnational Alliances and Struggles: Beirut in the Archives

Location: Mathaf

This panel will take the life and work of Simone Baltaxé Martayan—an artist straddling various commitments and crossing over multiple identities and social milieus—as a starting point for a conversation on transnational alliances and struggles in Beirut, and the region more broadly. Countering the glamorizing myth of a golden age, the speakers will address the role of archival practices in the face of historical erasure.

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QC Week Public Panel
QC Week Landing page

March 18 Olafur Eliasson Public Panel

Location: National Museum of Qatar


I am the traveler and also the road

March 17 I Am The Traveler & Also The Road

Location: Mathaf

A visual journey that interconnects the visions of twelve remarkable photographers working in the WANA region today. This exhibition honors the photographic practices of Fatema AM Al-Doh, Hayat Al-Sharif, Shaima Al-Tamimi, Samar Sayed Baiomy, Salih Basheer, Mohammed Elshamy, Reem Falaknaz, Rula Halawani, Mona Hassan, Mouneb Nassar, Fethi Sahraoui, and Abdo Shanan.

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March 17 Guided tour in the palace of Abdullah bin Jasim

Location: National Museum of Qatar

Commonly known as the Old Palace, this architectural gem from the early twentieth century is today embraced by the modern National Museum of Qatar. The contrast between old and new – or, in other words, between heritage and modernity – is by no means coincidental: the French architect Jean Nouvel designed the museum incorporating the palace as if it was one of the objects on display.

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Old Palace
Tasweer Panel w Border - I am the traveler

March 17 Public Panel: I Am The Traveler & Also The Road

Location: Mathaf

The participating artists in the exhibition I Am The Traveler And Also The Road, and awardees of Tasweer’s Sheikh Saoud AL Thani Project Award grants, share their experiences and discuss the freedoms and challenges of being photographers in the WANA-region.

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March 18 Panel Discussion – Olafur Eliasson: The curious desert

Location: National Museum of Qatar Auditorium

A conversation between Chairperson of Qatar Museums, Her Excellency Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Sheikh Saud bin Khalifa Al Thani, Ghanim Al Ghanim, and Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, about how art has the power to offer different perspectives, and how cultural spaces can host pluralistic thought, build awareness, and offer a platform for differences of opinion to coexist.

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National Museum of Qatar

March 18 Public Discussion - Art and the Environment: Awareness and Action

Location: National Museum of Qatar Auditorium

Olafur Eliasson in conversation with Mohammed Omar Al Bader, Dr Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou, Reem Al Sahlawi, and Neema Githere. Moderated by Dr Alexandra Bounia. This cross-generational discussion looks at our entanglements with natural environments in the context of the climate emergency and addresses the complex ways in which we can hear and respond to the needs of many – humans and nonhumans alike.

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March 19 The Curious Desert - By Studio Olafur Eliasson

Location: Al Thakhira & National Museum of Qatar

Olafur Eliasson will present an extensive exhibition inside and outside of the museum. The exhibition will continue the Icelandic-Danish artist’s abiding interests in experimentation with light and colour, geometric studies, ecological awareness, and more-than-human relationships.

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Algae Window The Curious Desert Wide

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